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Robin running the Marathon des Sables

Running the Marathon des Sables – the inside track on what it’s really like!

The Marathon des Sables –The Inside Track! My Personal Training Superstar client Robin looks back on an unforgettable experience running the Marathon des Sables. Last month Robin was successful in completing the world famous Marathon des Sables. Also known as the Toughest...
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Robin training for the Marathon des Sables

The Marathon des Sables – Helping Robin Achieve his Dream

Stuart’s Superstars! This month I begin a series of posts about my fabulous clients and the amazing things they have achieved. And the amazing things they are planning to achieve! From serial marathon running to overcoming injury my clients are a tough bunch!  I am delighted and...
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image of shower head

New Year Resolution Refresh!

This is the week most people give up on their New Year Resolutions. All those good intentions have fizzled out. The reality of daily life has hit us. The time we set aside for getting fit has been eaten up by other things, or laziness! Don’t give up so easily!  Try one of these...
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lady with words about losing weight

Give your Weight Loss Plans a Kick Start!

Was one of your goals for 2016 to lose weight? There is still time. Don’t give up on your dreams yet! You can lose those pounds in the next couple of months if you really want to. Follow these 3 simple steps: Be brave! Step on the scales and work out how much you need to...
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Group training in action

Personal Training in a Small Group

All the benefits of your own Personal Trainer, but in a small group! Groups run 3 days a week with a choice of start times. Maximum 4 people to a group. My new Group Training sessions have been a revelation. I’ve been amazed at how popular they are and the feedback I’ve received....
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Horsham's Jade Lally at the Rio Olympics!

My Top 5 Olympic Moments!

Amazing Olympics Performance by Team GB!! Check out my Top 5! Here at Absolute Health and Fitness we are totally committed to helping people reach their fitness goals. Whatever they may be. And what better inspiration could there be for working towards those goals than the...
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graph showing diabetes and obesity rates

How Exercise Helps You Beat Diabetes

I was completely bowled over by a recent BBC television programme called “Fixing Dad.” It’s the story of a typical British man in his early 60’s, Geoff, who suddenly finds himself faced with serious health issues. This is a direct result of the way he has lived for most of his...
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Beach Body Core Muscle Workout

Summer Holiday Panic? Need to get your body into shape quickly? Here’s an exercise plan devoted to those all-important core muscles, which  will give you the toned abs you’ve always dreamed of. And make you the envy of all your fellow holidaymakers!! Remember to warm up before...
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London Marathon woman runner

Inspired by the London Marathon?

Were you, like many others, inspired by the London Marathon a few days ago? Are you kicking yourself because, yet again, you have missed that opportunity? Never fear!  You haven’t really missed out because there are literally hundreds of marathons, and half-marathons that take...
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