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New Year Resolution Refresh!

image of shower headThis is the week most people give up on their New Year Resolutions.

All those good intentions have fizzled out. The reality of daily life has hit us. The time we set aside for getting fit has been eaten up by other things, or laziness!

Don’t give up so easily!  Try one of these three ways to give your New Year Resolutions a REFRESH!.

1. Set yourself a new goal

Set yourself a goal that’s slightly easier to achieve? Much better than giving up completely! For example, if your original resolution was to train for one hour 3 times a week, you could reduce that to 30 minutes. Still well worth doing.

2. Get yourself a training buddy

Find a friend or colleague who has given up on their New Year Resolutions too. There are lots of them about!

Training with someone else increases your motivation. You are much more likely to turn up for a training session if someone else is depending on you. And a little bit of competition will do wonders for your motivation levels too.

3. Keep a diary

Writing things down is a powerful motivator.

Write down what you have done and what you plan to do. Set targets for each week so that you keep track of where you are at and can see how much you have already achieved.

Adjust your plans. Don’t give up.

And if none of the above appeals to you, how about joining a small group training programme? I train groups of up to 4 people who meet 3 times a week. Starting from different fitness levels and with different fitness goals, the group works together helping and supporting each other. More details here

Let me know how you get on with your New Year Resolution Refresh. Good luck!

About the Author
I am a qualified and experienced Personal Trainer based at the gym on the Knepp Castle Estate near Horsham in West Sussex. I love to help my clients achieve their fitness goals - "Making your goals my achievements." Contact me on 01403 390193 for a no-obligation chat.