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Group training in actionIs One-on-One Personal Training not right for you?

It’s beyond your budget and too intense.

Small Group Training is Different!

  • It’s very affordable
  • The trainer’s focus is shared among the group
  • The group setting provides extra support and motivation

You have your own Personal Trainer. But at a fraction of the cost!

Plus you get all the benefits of working with others:

• Support and encouragement
• Added motivation
• Fun!

With just 4 trainees per small group training session you get masses of personal attention. You can work at your own pace at a level you feel happy with. But the group setting encourages you to push yourself within safe limits.  So that you move beyond your comfort zone, gradually progressing towards and eventually reaching your fitness goals.

Here’s what my current group training clients say:

“I really enjoy the fitness sessions. Stuart is very encouraging and keeps the pace moving. Glad I took the courage to start. Even after just 5 sessions I feel so much better,”  Donna

“I hadn’t been to the gym for 6 years and wanted to go somewhere where I was comfortable. I saw Absolute Health and Fitness on Facebook so decided to give it a try. I really enjoy the workout sessions. They are fun! Stuart pushes me to train harder than I would on my own, but always finds a different exercise if someone finds something too challenging. I am always surprised when the hour is over. I would definitely recommend it,”  Judy

Are you working out at the gym by yourself and finding it hard to keep motivated?

Give Small Group Training a try. Call me on 01403 390193 to find out more about it.

Get motivated and stay motivated! Small group fitness training is the way to go!

Sessions run morning, lunchtime, and evening. Last session 8pm.

Contact me on 01403 390193 or email me to find out if there’s a space at a time to suit you.

Is this the right place for you to reach your fitness goals?

Absolute Health and Fitness – Making Your Goals Our Achievements!